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Enjoy the best safari experience in Bali at the home of hundreds of amazing animals representing over 60 species, including some rare and endangered species such as the Komodo, Orang Utan, and the Bali Mynah.

At Bali Safari & Marine Park, you can choose to enjoy your safari journey with our Safari Tram or from the elephant back with our Elephant Back Safari, interact with your favorite animal up close at the Animal Encounter space, experience the wildest fine dining moment surrounded by lions, meerkats, and porcupines at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant, and unwind with the spectacular shows of Bali Agung or Kecak Masterpiece at our state of art theater in the park, Bali Theater or make your own big splash at our Water Park and Fun Zone.

Bali Safari & Marine Park, as part of Taman Safari Indonesia, and a member of SEAZA (The South East Asians Zoo Associations), CBSG (Conservations Breeding Specialist Group) as well as PKBSI (Indonesia Zoological Parks Associations) is at the frontline of wildlife conservation in Indonesia and is actively involved in ensuring the future survival and wellbeing of many Indonesian animal species through engaging education and conservation programs such as the conservation and release of Bali Mynah, Sumatran Elephant, and Sumatran Tiger.



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