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The name Tista Village originally came from the word “Ngetis” which in Balinese means resting. According to a legend in the past a son of the king of Tabanan was wandering with the aim of building his own palace. In his journey he crossed many mountainous areas where the terrain was hilly and through many tributaries, until finally reunited with a powerful ascetic who gave him instructions to continue his journey to the south. Arriving at the recommended location, he felt that the area was not right because of the bumpy soil conditions. The Prince returned to continue his journey towards the North in the hope that he could find land with flatter conditions to establish his palace, until finally he arrived at a place now called Kerambitan.

Once upon a time some areas in Bali at that time were hit by problems so that many residents decided to go towards Kerambitan for protection. By the king’s son, the people who came in droves at that time were ordered to find a place to relax / rest (ngetis) precisely on the west side of the River Lating. Until finally since that time the western area of ​​Sungai Lating is often referred to as Tista (resort area). Until finally more migrants from various other regions in Bali decided to live in this area, so this area became a residential area / hamlet which is still referred to as Tista Village. There are four Banjars which are included in the other Tista Village areas, Banjar Dangin Pangkung, Banjar Dauh Pangkung, Banjar Carik and Banjar Lebah.

As a tourist village, Tista Village offers a variety of tour packages that are quite diverse including: village trekking packages with workshop activities in the village of iron pande, plowing rice fields, playing rindi instruments (traditional musical instruments such as gamelan made of bamboo), and having lunch with regional specialty menu. Yoga packages are also available with activities offered in the form of yoga sessions held in the village bale, vegetarian cooking classes along with traditional drinks and market snacks. The next package is the Andir Dancing class package which is filled with dancing sessions led directly by professional dance instructors, complete with Balinese dance costumes consisting of kame, scarves, and also kepet.


09:00 – 09:10 am : After the arrival you are welcomed by the guide with the official Balinese flower garland of frangipani and then served the authentic Tista welcome drink lemongrass tea. A little briefs will be given by the guide and body exercise done to warm the body and stretch the muscles before trekking.
09:10 – 09:20 am : Trekking starts by visiting the three main temples of Tista Tri Kahyangan where you can see the religiousity of Tista people. A little offerings will be presented to get blessed and also good luck.
09:20 – 09:35 am : From the Three Kahyangan of Tista we head you to see the people’s house to observe the daily life of people where the Balinese house compound can be seen there which is built based on the traditional measurement of Asta Kosala Kosali (Fengshui).
09:35 – 10:00 am : Then the time to explore the beauty of nature of Tista by stopping at Batu Gede (huge stone) believed as the center power of Tista Village where the offerings normally offered to have a successful crops for farmers. On that place also have a photo stop. We already built a selfie spot where the clients pamper themselves to take memorable pictures with the background of marvelous terrace padi field view and can also see the second higher mountain of Bali (mount Batukaru) when the weather clear.
10:00 – 10:15 am : The Trip continued by exploring the farm and stop at the Pura Celagi (Tamarind temple) where the people can make a wish to have a prosperous life. Tamarind is one of the important tree in this village because many stuff of tamarind can be used as herbs to cure some diseases so that’s why we preserve this tree. Not far from the temple there is a Bale Subak (farmer’s meeting hall) where Subak member (farmer group) have a meeting to discuss about a fair share of water and other farmer’s needs.
(the guest stop and mineral water distributed)
10:15 – 11:00am : After bale Subak we lead you to the jungle to explore the serenity of nature listening to the nature’s music (the water’s flow of Yeh Ho river), the bird’s whistle and the wind blow). Along the way, we can also see some herbs to heal some people’s health disturbances.
11:00 – 11:30 am : We proceed our trip to see the big river of Yeh Ho where there are many unusual, strange stones where you can take pictures.
11:30 am – 12:00 pm : From that big river we escort you to see Pura Beji (temple of cleansing) where people can have a cleansing bath and this spring water already studied by the hydrologic experts said that water contains very good mineral worth to drink.
12:00 – 13:30 pm : The last we take you to the Gazebo to have a cooking class and a young fresh coconut served and then starts to cook some Tista authentic culinaries. You also have your lunch here.

What to wear
T-shirt – Short Pan
Sneakers – Hat
Mosquito repellent

Minimum Pax

2 pax


Welcome drink

Mineral water


Local guide

Goverment tax & service

Additional Information

Opening hours : 9 AM – 1.30 PM (everyday)

Kids : 3-12 years old

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  • E-Vouchers : vendor of this tour receives both print and electronic vouchers (e-vouchers). You can also print vouchers and show paper copies on day trips. Or, if you’re traveling with a mobile device, simply show your voucher on a smartphone or tablet on a day trip.




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