Special Offer Today! Lunch Package at Grand Puncak Sari 2 Restaurant, Kintamani

Special Offer Today! Lunch Package at Grand Puncak Sari 2 Restaurant, Kintamani

Grand Puncak Sari 2 Restaurant, Kintamani, an ideal place for lunch, the restaurant is open between 09.00 – 17.00, is at altitude, so chances fog down quite high, for that come at noon around 12:00 to 13:00 if the tendency is likely foggy and you can not see the beauty of nature with the maximum, this restaurant has complete facilities and infrastructure, spacious parking area and bathroom. Well-lined surrounded by beautiful gardens, has 500 seating facilities, making it ideal for those of you who are touring in Bali with a large group.

Grand Puncak Sari 2 Restaurant, Kintamani provides Indonesian, Oriental, Continental and even for vegetaria, buffet or buffet dishes such as fried rice, white rice, satay lilit, fried chicken and shrimp crackers, you are free to eat as much as you can while enjoying a panoramic view of witsa objects Kintamani . On the special menu provides fried duck and roast, a variety of dish mujair fish such as fried mujair, burn, nyatnyat and Pepes.

For an appetizer menu provided salad there is a tomato soup and also a corn soup. At the end of the lunch you can relax again enjoy a cup of coffee with a plate of fried bananas.

For Muslim tourists do not have to worry, because Restaurant Grand Puncak Sari 2 Kintamani has halal dissertation by MUI (MUI No. 081600020000408). You can eat as much as anything else coupled with the beautiful scenery Kintamani, what you pay is proportional to the satisfaction of your tour in Kintamani.

View from Grand Puncak Sari 2 Kintamani

If you want to visit the Kintamani tourist attraction and want to find a place to relax with more leverage while having lunch then the best recommendation is to the restaurant Grand Puncak Sari 2 Kintamani, if you leave with a group, then you should first message, because almost all restaurants in this region never deserted visitors.

Minimum Pax

1 pax


Voucher standard buffet lunch (all you can eat)

Government tax and service charge

Additional Information

Opening hour : 9 AM – 5 PM

Kids : 5 – 10 years old


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